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Training Program for Young Neurointerventionists
August 24, 2018, Lotte Hotel Busan
09:00-09:10 Program Introduction Moon Hee HAN, M.D.
(Program Director)
This one-full-day lecture session is designed as a pre-conference course of EACoN-2018 for young participants, who are doing neurointerventional practice independently, to learn advanced techniques in various neurointerventional fields. Attendees will learn basic knowledge about common neurovascular diseases, skills and therapeutic principles for managing these diseases in their practices, and how to handle the devices in each technical step. The lecturers of each topic will also deliver technical tips by discussions in informal atmosphere. Limited number of attendees, selected from Asian countries by the advanced recommendation or application, will join this program with no additional fee for the course other than meeting registration.
Topic I : Aneurysm Coiling
09:10-10:00 1. Features of Devices for Aneurysm Coiling Moon Hee HAN, M.D.
(Seoul National Univ. Hosp.)
10:10-11:00 2. Shaping and Navigation of Microcatheters Moon Hee HAN, M.D.
11:10-12:00 3. Technical Options in Coiling for Complex Lesions Moon Hee HAN, M.D.
12:00-13:00 Lunch Break
Topic II : AVM & AVF
13:10-14:00 1. Cranial Dural AV Fistula Hyun-Seung KANG, M.D.
(Seoul National Univ. Hosp.)
14:10-15:00 2. Spinal Vascular Lesions Dong Joon Kim, M.D.
(Yonsei Univ. Severance Hospital)
Topic III : Stroke Intervention
15:10-16:00 1. Endovascular Management in Hyperacute stroke  Dong-Hun KANG, M.D.
(Kyungpook Nat'l Univ. Hosp.)
16:10-17:00 2. Carotid stenting: Technical Principles Hong Gee ROH, M.D.
(Konkuk Univ. Medical Center)
17:00-17:10  Wrap=up and Adjourn Moon Hee HAN, M.D.